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Agents - Capitalise on Quality Leads from Unlimited Listings

Details of our advertising solutions for agents are below, when you are ready, click the 'Sell Your Properties >>' button.

No mistake, and no false promise – unlimited listings! Overcome the restrictions of quality lead generation on a fixed budget for a fee that other sites simply cannot match. Just €700 per year gets your entire portfolio listed one of the most comprehensive property portals on the web with a host of enhanced features.

Your property is as good as SOLD! with

Whether a real estate professional or a private vendor, get the job done faster advertising with award-winning portal

  • + maximise your international brand exposure in an increasingly global marketplace
  • + save time and effort dealing with active, serious prospects rather than casual browsers
  • + secure an outstanding online presence gained through a decade of experience
Millions of annual visitors, 105,000+ registered buyers/investors, cutting-edge marketing technology and the most competitive rates in the business – get serious about selling with one of our tailored solutions.

Hundreds of properties to list? Not a problem – upload your entire portfolio in minutes with our automated system! More details >>

Extend your reach
For comprehensive lead generation, our basic package includes unlimited listings in every region, plus a series of mailings to our active database of 105,000+ opted-in prospects. Further drive traffic to your key properties through use of featured property listings in any given area.

Watch your web presence soar
Benefit from a stream of in-bound traffic gained via a dedicated profile page featuring your logo and contact details, all of your listed properties and a link to your site. Meanwhile, climb the pages of all the major Search Engines thanks to advanced search alogrhythms developed by our in-house team to optimise your online marketing efforts.

Tailor your marketing activity
As a previous CNBC “Best Property Portal” award, we’ve grown by helping our advertisers grow. 75% of listings come from repeat business – we’re flexible in helping you design bespoke marketing packages according to your specific requirements and size.

Breathe some life into your sales today
Simply sign up and create an account. Within minutes your profile will be live and your listings promoted. Send your properties to us using our xml schemas and we will import for you (see the technical files below) or,  if you already export to other sites (e.g Prime Location, The Move Channel, Kyero, Properazzi, and many more) send us an e-mail with your feed file or pick-up url.

Property Feeds (XML) and Documentation

Templates and specifications for acceptable data transfers are listed below.

Starting at only €100

  • Millions of annual visitors
  • 105,000+ registered buyers/investors
  • Cutting-edge marketing technology
  • Most competitive rates in the business

Unlimited Listings on


Accepted XML Feed Formats

If you already have a XML property feed in one of the formats below, your listings could be active and generating leads on in a matter of minutes.
  • Infocasa
  • Properazzi
  • TheMoveChannel
  • Property World
  • Enormo
  • Zillow
  • TheMoveChannel - Client
  • PropertyFinder.xsl
  • 30 Digits
  • Property Abroad
  • PropSpace
  • Mondinion
  • Lead Galaxy
  • Adapt Immo
  • v3
  • Lead Galaxy v2
  • Resales Online
  • eGO
  • Alphashare
  • Alphashare v3
  • Milenio
Note: If you have an XML feed in a format not listed above we may still be able to accept your feed. To see if we can accept your XML feed please email the Agents Department and include your feed address.

If you would prefer to speak to an Agent Account Manager before signing up then please call the Agents Department on +44 (0) 203 519 1330 or contact them by email at